Episode 3: The Refusal of the Call

Welcome to the sHeroe’s Journey Podcast©, a podcast for sHeroes and the people who love them. I’m Pamela Prather and for over twenty years, I have been empowering actors, executives, and curious humans with tools to unlock their voices and tell their stories.

Today’s episode is all the refusal of the call. I get to speak with Ekaterina Valeeva-Farrington about why she resisted the call to her journey and how she has combined her knowledge of linguistics with Tibetan contemplative practices for a rich curriculum for vocal and emotional health.


Segment 1: Ekatarina talks about her beginnings in Tibetan studies – Phowa “Dying in Consciousness” When you die, you are knowing and you can control the process. 

  • Non buddhist parents did not approve, they were scared of what was going to happen! 
  • Made her pause for 12 years, went to St. Petersburg University – Was overcome by doubt and insecurity, manifested as physical illness 
  • She realized after awhile that she was a “highly sensitive person” – “If i don’t change my life now, I could die this week, anything could happen to me” 
  • And then there was a reconnection with Tibetan studies and Tibetan medicine 
  • But she only wanted to be a patient, not to learn the language or medicine 
  • Her doctor changed her mind and made her an ardent student of Tibetan medicine 
  • Stephane Mallarme “”much of Mallarmé’s work influenced the conception of hypertext, with his purposeful use of blank space and careful placement of words on the page, allowing multiple non-linear readings of the text.” 
  • His last work, “The Book” was never finished, more of a concept. Blank pages, you discover the truth through your one self. – He never finished, but it affected her because she realized you cannot find absolute truth through relative things like languages. 

Segment 2: Ekaterina discusses her career in academia and Tibetan medicine. 

  • Bumped into the right person at the right moment, who reintroduced her to the teaching. 
  • Became a translator at the academy for years
  • Met her husband when she was about to start her Tibetan medicine career and they moved to London…another pause 
  • She had to start over again and started something new. Started teaching accents, first in a college setting, then onto actors and actresses to be more believable in film/TV. 
  • Next step was moving on to the voice 
  • Then onto the school and teachings of Yantra yoga 
  • Anyone who is interested can find classes and teachings online 


Ekatarina’s Contact Information:



Links and additional information:

Phowa “Dying in Conciousness”: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phowa 

Dr Elaine Aron “The Highly Sensitive Person” : https://hsperson.com/ 

Tibetan Buddhism: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tibetan_Buddhism 

Tibetan Medicine: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Traditional_Tibetan_medicine 

VASTA – voice and speech: www.vasta.org 

Stephan Mellanarme: The Book: https://hyperallergic.com/544591/the-book-by-stephane-mallarme/

Yantra Yoga – The Tibetan yoga of movement: http://www.yantrayoga.net/about 

Chogyal Namkhai Norbu: https://www.dzamlinggar.net/en/dzogchen/chogyal-namkhai-norbu


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