Episode 4: Meeting the Mentor

Welcome to the sHeroe’s Journey Podcast©, a podcast for sHeroes and the people who love them. I’m Pamela Prather and for over twenty years, I have been empowering actors, executives, and curious humans with tools to unlock their voices and tell their stories.

In this episode, I get to speak with the brilliant Nancy Bos. Nancy is a vocologist, speaker, author of multiple best-selling books on singing, and a professional singer in a variety of genres. She has been called a thought leader in the field of singing. Her work is guided by the philosophy that singing makes all people happier, healthier, more peaceful, and thoughtful. Singing brings people together, soothes aching hearts, and occasionally allows us to spiritually transcend. Her company, StudioBos Media, helps people tap into the magic of singing by providing insights and information that allow everyone to sing out.


Segment 1

  • Star Wars/Lion King take on mentoring: dead male figure looking over everyone, guiding everyone
  • Robert Edwin was her main mentor in her teaching career. Not the “man” she follows but the “person” she follows.
    • they should have your best interests in heart. 
    • your mentor can be a motivator to the direction a career goes
    • can we self-mentor? Listen to your heart, your instincts
  • Mentor now is Anna Sun Choi
  • Listen to your heart…but does “follow your heart and everything follows” ring true? You need to be able to pay rent, make money. Role of the mentor is to show you what is possible and what you can do…
  • As you mentor someone, opening your heart means you also have to let go of your own self and not project your own self onto what their experiences should be…similar to parenting

Segment 2

  • The element of time in mentoring. N Bos says that she feels like she has a guardian angel guiding her, giving her focus. Always hands her a ladder and she may not know where it leads but it will lead to somewhere.
  • Every time she works with a mentor, she questions, “can I do this? Should I do this? Am I worthy?” A good mentor will see what is in you and say “hell yes!”
  • What is next? Envisioning a lot…the world needs to sing more and she envisions that it will. Singing is at the heart of giving and receiving and it has been taken away from us…we are more passive with our listening to music and not participating in it with others
  • Every solid substance has a sympathetic vibration (acoustics). Resonance. If we are being resonant, then our body is vibrating in a way that is optimal for sound production…or ideas
  • What role does fear play? You need to embrace the fear. Stepping into the unknown. Not subtle: you only have one life, one shot. Get out of your own way.




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